Course Benefits
Some of the benefits of driving safely are obvious - you and your passengers are less likely to be seriously injured or die. However, some benefits are a little less evident. Have you ever thought about the gas that you will save by driving the speed limit? Or, the incredible amount of money you will save on car insurance premiums? These little changes add up, and will save you money over your lifetime. Money you could spend as you want too. Being a good driver is much more than just staying out of accidents.

And, what makes a "good driver"?

CONCENTRATION - to be able to keep your mind on what you are supposed to be doing when behind the wheel; in this case, driving.

ANTICIPATION - being observant of what is happening around you; which in turn will lead you into defensive driving, another very important quality in a good driver.

SKILLS - to be able to use the vehicle's controls smoothly and effectively in different driving situations.

ATTITUDE - If you don't have the right attitude behind the wheel, it won't matter how much knowledge or skill you have. You won't be a consistently safe driver. Your attitude will keep letting you down. You will have to work hard at identifying the unsafe attitudes, changing them the first time, and keeping them from creeping back in to your driving. I'm sure with time and the right attitude, you will see what I mean! Your goal is to stay calm and tolerant in all situations which were once stressful. Is this possible? Yes!

KNOWLEDGE - There is no doubt about it, we could all benefit from reviewing the Florida Driver Handbook. If we obey the rules that we have forgotten about, and we take the time to learn the new rules that we didn't know about.

SELF DISCIPLINE - In the question "What makes a good driver?", it is so easy to drive in your own little world when cocooned in your vehicle. Do you drive to your own rules, not paying attention to posted speed limits and road markings; perhaps weaving in and out of lanes to get ahead, or gain a few seconds, when the other driver is just as late as you are? Not conforming to traffic signs’ instructions, such as turning in front of the pedestrian trying to cross with the “Walk” light? Did you see if they were pushing a stroller in front of them? If you imagined the vehicle following yours is a police car, would you drive to your usual standards? How do you make a SELF DISCIPLINED driver? I don't think you can, unless they want to become one. Some people will say that ATTITUDE is the same quality as SELF DISCIPLINE. I don't think so. I believe they are different, yet inter-related.

Our goal in this course is to assist you in becoming a better and safer driver.

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